Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Why should we persist in visualizing the underlying unity of all creations at all times?

How should we deal with troubles and calumnies?

One may be subjected to calumny, insult and dishonour; Or plunged into poverty or pain; but the person who has surrendered to the Will of God will welcome each of these gladly and bear it with equanimity. The Lord will never give up His children. Those devoted to God have to be patient and calm, under the most poignant provocation. The fact is the pious and the God-fearing are those who are most visited by travails and troubles: in order to teach mankind these great truths, Krishna enacted the drama in Mahabharatha, with the Pandavas as the cast. Every incident in their lives is but a scene in His Play.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Dear Reader, Loving Sairam from the Heart2Heart team. How can we discover ourselves

There is a technique by which the Immortal Spirit can be discovered. Though it may appear difficult, each step forward makes the next one easier, and a mind that is made ready by discipline can discover the Divine basis of man and creation in a flash. There is no short-cut to this consummation. One has to give up all the tendencies that one has accumulated so far and become light for the journey. Lust, greed, anger, malice, conceit, envy, hate – all these tendencies have to be shed. It is not enough to listen to spiritual discourses and count the number you have listened to. The only thing that counts is practising at least one of those teachings.

What is the correlation between the awareness of the Divine and the realization of Oneness?

The Divine is the base, and is also the superstructure. The beads are many, but the interconnecting, integrating string of the rosary is one. So also, for the entire world of living beings, God, the permanent, omnipresentparabrahman, the Supreme Divine Consciousness, is the base. “Soham”, “I am God", “He is I”, “I am that” - all these axioms indicate that even those who differentiate themselves under various names and forms are in fact God Himself. This is why the scriptures proclaim, “Brahmavith Brahmaiva Bhavathi” (He who realises Brahman becomes verily Brahman). This awareness of the Divine in oneself is the awareness of the Reality.

How should we deal with "difficult people"?

While dealing with uncultured folks, you must exercise caution. So too, you must be careful with ungrateful people, who forget the good done to them. The law is the instrument that Government will use to punish those who do wrong. As educated persons and students, you should not condemn difficult people outright. You must manifest your natural virtue of detachment and practise your characteristic attitude of helpfulness.