Saturday, July 3, 2010

Surprisingly Great; 'BEGGERS'

Few days back we few friends went to pilgrimage. During our tour to  Varanasi and then on the way to Haridwar and lastly in Amritsar we stayed at each place for two days to see and visit the religious places. Mr Thathai was also with us. About thathai I may add that this creature is a funny but deep creature. He always have keen interest in as to what is happening around. While others are busy in free talking, though he is also involved in our gossip, but from some corner of his personality he is also very vigilantly and alert-fully, viewing the other things around.

Suddenly on one night when we were having dinner at Ludhina, he put an  Astonishing question to all of us.

  • We visited so many places during our recent tour and most of theses places were religious places. We have visited many religious places earlier also. Religious places are crowed with the beggars... at least in India.
    • We have seen beggars at many other places such as in trains, buses, on the roads, at red lights etc.
      • He continued.....
        • Have any body seen any 'SARDAR' Begging?
  • Every body was stunned.
  • All of us were busy at least for 2-3 minutes to visualize our past memories to contradict what Thathai had said.
  • But surprisingly no body could recall even a single instance of having seen a 'SIKH...SARDAR' begging.
  • This is thing to be thought very seriously.
  • (yeh gahan chintan ka vishay hai)
Why and how it is possible that no Sardar ever thinks of begging.

Let us think over it and if we can find what is the main reason for this and we are able to make every  cast and creed understand that secrete. The biggest evil will be eliminated.

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