Friday, August 20, 2010

What is the barometer to indicate an educated person?

Your forefathers achieved prosperity, peace and joy and succeeded in attaining their goals only through faith. If you lose faith, you are certain to fall. For, faith is the very breath of life. When there is no breath, one becomes ashavam (corpse). With the breath of faith, you becomeShivam (Divine), the same as the Lord Himself. Faith can endow you with all forms of power and render you full and complete (poorna). For, Atma, by its very nature, is self-sufficient and full. No other Sadhana (spiritual exercise) is needed to realise that state. Purity and self-sufficiency (paripoornatha) is also your true nature. Impurity and insufficiency are alien to mankind. You should not ignore or forget this fact. Real education must arouse this faith and infuse the awareness of this fullness in every activity. This is the essential aim, the core of the right type of education.

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