Thursday, September 16, 2010

How do we comprehend the Eternal, Never-Changing God?

The genuine characteristics, the Swaroopa Lakshana, never undergoes change. It abides in all. The form, name, time or space may suffer change; but the core of truth (theSwaroopa Lakshana) will not alter. That core is denoted asAsthi (existence), Bhathi (luminescence) and Priyam(attractiveness) in Vedantic texts. Existence is the unchanging truth; it may change its form and name, in time and space, but the ‘is-ness’ is genuine. It makes itself known as existing, through the native characteristic ofPrakasha (luminosity) or capacity to attract our awareness and confer knowledge. We can know it because it has luminescence; all things we are aware of have this innate characteristic. Each thing also has the nature of likeability, the capacity to invoke attachment and love as a result of usability. The above three together are the nature of God.

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