Sunday, July 25, 2010


“Gurur Devo Bhava” means “The Guru is verily God”. This is one of the main Vedic injunctions which highlights the exalted status that is accorded to the Guru in Indian culture and spirituality. Baba says it is the mother that shows the child its father, who in turn takes the little one to his/her Guru. And it is the Guru who introduces God to the child. That is the reason why the Guru is so vital in the spiritual development of the child. “Only he is a true Guru who is competent and capable enough to raise the pupil to his own level,” said Baba during a Guru Poornima discourse in 1984. Instances of such Gurus and their devoted disciples in the history of mankind are many; however some stand out like the moon in an ocean of stars. There is plenty to imbibe from the lives of these exalted souls (as you will find out from this quiz) and practice in our daily lives so that we too can learn to serve the Lord and be dear to Him.

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