Sunday, July 25, 2010

Why should installing Love in our Hearts be the foremost task?

Your very nature is Prema (Love). You cannot survive even for a moment when deprived of Love. It is the very breadth of your life. When the six vices to which you were attached so long disappear, Love becomes the only occupant of your heart. Love has to find an object, a loved one. It cannot remain alone. You will then direct it to the charming, sweet Lord, who is Purity Personified, who is the embodiment of service, sacrifice and selflessness and who has taken residence in the cleansed altar of your heart. Then, there will be no scope for any other attachment to grow. Step by step, this love for God will become deeper, purer, more self-denying, until at last, there is no need for thoughts, and the individual is merged in the Universal.

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